About E-liquid Flavors

What Makes Flavorah the Best Flavoring for E-liquid?

Pure e-Liquid Flavor Aromas from Individual Flavoring Extracts, Compounds, and Molecules

  • Flavorah is made without colorings, sweeteners or preservatives that are incompatible with eliquid.
  • We know what goes in to our flavors and we keep them as potent as possible so that the recipe designer has full control of potency across the full spectrum of PG-VG Ratios used in open and closed type devices.

Highest Quality Flavoring for DIY E-liquid Recipes

  • Flavorah is designed to make DIY Eliquid an artform.  Because we focus on the needs of the professional vape flavorist, we can create a product that is of superior quality and lower cost than other food grade ingredients used for vapor.
  • Check out our DIY E-liquid recipe book for a showcase of vapor artists using FLV.

Easy to Mix Flavorings for Professionals

  • E-liquid Professionals can easily scale up test recipes to commercial size batches with fast reliable production and delivery around the world.
  • We know what is in our product and support professional eliquid manufactures with the compliance data that they need.

European Union TPD Compliant E-liquid Flavorings

  • Because every formula in our range is designed with both DIY and commercial eliquid in mind, we screen compounds of concern based on EU TPD market requirements. We make every effort to ensure that our customers will have their product tasting right and compliant on the first try without costly reformulations.

Flavorah Solvent Systems are Designed for Vapor Manufacturing

  • All Flavorah flavorings are made with either Propylene Glycol or Ethyl alcohol solvent and are mixable in PG/VG. We do not sell, or recommend any MCT or oil solvent flavors for vapor.
  • We sell only potent food grade flavors and do not formulate or sell any dilutants, thickeners or reaction products.

No Proprietary Dilutants or Mystery Ingredients

  • Flavorah is made from a limited list of GRAS (generally recognized as safe) food flavoring compounds. All Flavorah flavorings are quality controlled, food grade flavoring that is manufactured in the USA. Visit our FLV Safety page to learn more.
  • We do not use any cutting agents or dilutants. All of our flavors are propylene glycol and alcohol solvent.

No V2 (Version 2) Flavors 

  • We have one list of e-liquid flavoring products. If a product is determined to be unsafe, it is recalled from the market. If a product is not good enough, we don’t release it.
  • We don't have a "cheap and dirty" list that we sell to customers in countries with weak regulations or low quality standards.

No Competition with Our Customers

  • We have a single focus on flavoring and the raw materials that equip our customers to create the best vapor products possible. We just do food flavorings, no finished products.
  • We do not mix or sell nicotine. We do not make or pack e-liquid, we do not sell vape hardware or products, we do not own or operate any vape shops or distribute any vape brands. Just Flavoring.

Extended Shelf Life

  • Flavorah is shelf stable for up to a year or more at room temperature and not prone to spoilage.
  • Quality Products made with Flavorah should not separate or degrade in your mixed e-liquid if stored at room temperature.

Made for Production, Packaged for Use

  • Flavorah flavorings are shelf stable at room temperature.  In their easy to use 10ml,  15ml and 4oz bottles, they are perfect for recipe design and creation. 
  • Or commercial customers receive deliveries in bulk jugs and barrels delivered to their production facilities. All Flavorah flavorings are ready for commercial production.