Apple and Melon Flavors

Apple and Melon Vape Flavors

Start with a mix of Flavorah Apples and Mellons for the best easy vape juice recipes. This group of flavors is very simple for beginners learning to make DIY vape recipes and anyone who wants to take the mystery out of how to make ejuice.  Apple flavors are easy to work with because they are very familiar to the nose and mix well with many different fruit flavor concentrates and bakery flavor concentrates. Flavorah's rich variety of apple flavors and high concentration level for eliquid  gives you more control over the final flavor profile when you create DIY ejuice recipes.  If the final recipe is for an apple juice vape, or if it is a recipe for apple fritter doughnuts, there will be a combination of FLV flavorings that can make it perfect. Learn more about what makes Flavorah Flavorings Special on our page About E Liquid Flavorings.

Mellon vape flavors are a wonderful complement to tropical fruits flavors. Our wild melon flavor is a foundation of many melon e liquid recipes is a must have if you are new to DIY ejuice and Flavorah Flavoring.  If you want a flavor with more candy notes, chose a watermelon flavor or cantaloupe ejuice flavor. 
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