Base Flavors For E Liquid Recipes

Base Flavors for E Liquid Recipes

These are the musical undertones of every e liquid recipe.  If you want to make your own vape, you need to have a solid foundation of flavoring like cream, marshmallow, a custard or avocado to build on.  On top of this base, you can build and layer new flavor notes, such as floral, citrus, or fruits.  If you are designing a tobacco flavoring, you can bring a much richer MTL vape experience by using the perfect base flavor and using tobacco flavors as the rich accent such as an RY4 recipe.

Flavorah base flavors are made for vapor, and extremely potent.  They and designed to be mixed with other flavorings to give them distinction and and emphasis in vape juice recipes. Learn more about what makes Flavorah Flavorings Special on our page About E Liquid Flavorings.

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