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Flavorah flavorings are featured in some of the most popular E Liquid brands around the world. Its obvious why: in order to make the best e liquid, professionals need the best flavorings made for vapor with potent and distinct flavoring notes.  Wholesale flavoring customers are the foundation of our business.  That is why we build every flavor with your product in mind and are ready to scale it up with you from test batch to a millions of units.   

E Juice Flavor Concentrate Wholesale

Our super concentrates for E Liquid have the lowest usage rates in the industry, giving you full control over PG-VG levels and product potency for use in any type of device.  And, because Flavorah is built from the ground up from GRAS ingredients, we can support compliance disclosure obligations, and help you navigate ingredient standards across the EU, Canada, Asia and North America.  If you have not mixed with Flavorah yet, you are probably getting left behind.   

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