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Mastering the Art of DIY Vapor (Spiral-Bound Vape Recipe Book)

Mastering the Art of DIY Vapor (Spiral-Bound Vape Recipe Book)

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Volume 1 of Flavorah's DIY vape recipe book "Mastering the Art of DIY Vapor A How-To Book About Mixing eJuice Using Flavorah - The Flavoring for Vape".

Currently on sale for less than cost in order to support our customers who need empowerment due to local flavor bans.  
  • ENTER CODE: whitmer4bigtobacco to receive free shipping to Michigan.

This is a full-color, printed, 178-page, spiral-bound recipe book measuring 8.5" x 5.5". It includes instructions on how to do-it-yourself in regards to mixing your own vape juice and over 140 different recipes using our 180+ concentrated flavorings.  Available for FREE with confirmed donation, plus shipping costs.

Instructions on How to Receive Your Free Recipe Book:

1. Make a donation to one of the following vape advocacy programs:

    • Pacific Legal Foundation (links to donation page) is pursuing a vape lawsuit challenging the FDA’s unconstitutional deeming of certain vapor products as tobacco. This lawsuit is unique because it challenges the legality of unelected bureaucrats writing regulations with the force of law. These regulations take away basic freedom of speech rights guaranteed by the first amendment, and deny “We the People” the prerogative to elect and hold accountable the representatives who pass laws on our behalf.
    • Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA) (links to donation page) is leading the charge to mobilize our grass roots, defending their rights to choose vapor instead of cigarette smoke. As a consumer advocacy organization, they defend our vape community in public forums by advancing the truth of empowerment and harm reduction that electronic vapor devices facilitate. Right now, they are defending your right to use flavoring when you chose not to smoke cigarettes.

2. Email us confirmation that you've made your donation at sales@flavorah.com. This can be your receipt or email/web confirmation, depending on how you choose to donate.

3. Once we've confirmed your generous donation, we will send you a personalized promo code.

4. Add this product to your cart, and enter your promo code at checkout.

5. Enjoy your new vape recipe book!

More Info

You can view the digital, interactive versions for free HERE

If we run out of books, stay tuned for when we'll get more by signing up for notifications HERE. Also sign up if you want to know when we come out with Volume 2!

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